About Verve & Me

mepicHello, Kia Ora, welcome to my blog.  I’m Trish: writer, poet, occasional artist, ex-primary school teacher, left-leaning positive thinker with a husband, no cat yet, one daughter plus son-in-law, and two grandchildren. I’m English, my name is Dutch, I live in New Zealand.

In virtual life I review in a writing community, administrate a facebook community page and support group, design informative visuals about living with pain and occasionally delve into my family tree. I write for my blog.

In another life I’d never have got sick.

But I was diagnosed with a couple of auto-immune and connective tissue conditions in my mid-40s. Pain and fatigue are a daily reality, but so is spirit and enthusiasm for life.
verve about me

So in real life, on good days it’s time for active stuff: walks in the bush or on the beach, art galleries, photography, spending time with friends and family, art sessions. On really good days, swimming, small jobs in the garden, minor jobs on our ongoing house renovation, and road trips.


The rest of the time? I write. I’m currently working on a second novel, and preparing a collection of poems for (fingers crossed) publication. Some of my older poems have appeared in various publications. Now its time to take the plunge toward a book. With my name on the front cover.